Saturday, February 6, 2010

Aggressively Concerned Loved Ones

He came to ask me what was wrong with me. I know, he came with the attitude of the concerned, but sadly with the attitude of the aggressively concerned if you know what I mean. You know, the attitude of “snap out of it there is nothing wrong with you, your life is the image of perfection”. It might be, I could be totally crazy, an ungrateful person that fails to see the rosy picture that is all around him, but don't you just hate this attitude of “we know better so get yourself out of this and quick”.

These people are judgmental, even when they ask what is wrong you feel the answer is already there in their heads, playing, even before talking to you. They think they are listening but they are only listening to the self righteous know it all voice in their heads. You are even guilty of making everyone around you feel bad. Even when you are down you should think of others, be careful, your “downess” can be contagious and they are terrified of catching it.

With such an attitude you are left speechless, everything that is bothering you is there in your head, at the tip of your tongue but cannot seem to manage to leave your mouth. You feel that whatever you say is pointless because judgment has already been passed. When your feelings, emotions, sacrifices, fears and anxieties are being ridiculed and belittled you feel that there is no point in discussing them because they are already sentenced for the death.

So what do we do? Well, in periods like these which we all get, I found that talking to myself is the best thing, at least until you are out of the lowest rungs of whatever it is you are facing, at least your mind can be a bit more sympathetic to your problems (hopefully) since it is already facing the same things along with you. Regardless of the tricks it tries to play on you your mind can be a bit more understanding when it sees that you are on the edge and hopefully it will not lend that hand that will give that final push. Unless your are totally insane, then not a friend, relative or your mind should be consulted. You definitely need a professional person or a professional pill !!!!

Have a great day and snap out of it God damn it (joking)

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corine said...

Good news: you're not (only) talking to yourself.