Wednesday, March 9, 2011

and while are at it

Self help books that is (hoping you have read the previous post).

I have to admit that I have always wondered about the name of that section of books.

Self Help, hmmm….

If I have the ability to “SELF HELP” would a recipe book be enough to do the trick? Not for me maybe. You see, when I am in dire need of “HELP” I would not want to do it my“SELF”, even if I had the tools, very much like that stupid flat tire. Be it rain or snow I would stand stranded for an hour waiting for a lift rather than dig out all the garbage in the trunk and spend the next 4 hours figuring out how everything fits. So the same way there are cabs to give me a lift, a mechanic (or whatever the job title of a flat tire changer is) to change the tire, I would want someone other than my“SELF” to do the “HELP”. Wouldn’t it be enough that I already need “HELP” ? I still have to yet “HELP” my“SELF” to get out of whatever it is that caused me to be in need of “HELP” ?

After proof reading the above I think I need HELP, and no   “ ”   this time.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Extra Curricular Activities

“We don't do anything unusual” she declared.

So, I asked “What is unusual?”

“Like going to a bookshop together”

Now, I am outspoken, especially with her, I really do not watch what I have to say to her, that kind of a comfortable relationship, but I really had to bite my tongue so not to say “and going to a bookshop is your idea of unusual?????”

So I went along and took her to the “unusual” bookshop, and as with all of us readers we immediately go to the section that interests us the most. A bit later I happened to be walking around and lo and behold where was she? At the, all too famous nowadays, self help section. Not that I don't have my fair share of these books, but i have been trying to stay away from them lately. So we stood there chatting and me reading to her what a numerology book says about her character, and suddenly she turns to me and says:

“ You know it is sad that we do read these books but we never really do what they say we should do” so I turned to her and said “No my dear, what is really sad is the fact the we are actually standing in front of this rack”

Monday, March 7, 2011

You Know You Look Like Shit……..

…when, in front of people whom supposedly like you, you declare :
“I look like shit”
and, you get total silence in response, and you declare yet again in a louder voice :
“Now is the time when you are supposed to say something”
and, yet you get more silence. No comforting “nooooo you look fine”, no easing the pain “you just look normal to me”, nor the less complimenting “there is nothing wrong with you”. Not even the nervous “Oh you think you do?” (which is yes you do, but we will make you think that only YOU think so)
So total silence when you are fishing for a compliment means NO COMPLIMENT, and yes you do look like shit.