Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Extra Curricular Activities

“We don't do anything unusual” she declared.

So, I asked “What is unusual?”

“Like going to a bookshop together”

Now, I am outspoken, especially with her, I really do not watch what I have to say to her, that kind of a comfortable relationship, but I really had to bite my tongue so not to say “and going to a bookshop is your idea of unusual?????”

So I went along and took her to the “unusual” bookshop, and as with all of us readers we immediately go to the section that interests us the most. A bit later I happened to be walking around and lo and behold where was she? At the, all too famous nowadays, self help section. Not that I don't have my fair share of these books, but i have been trying to stay away from them lately. So we stood there chatting and me reading to her what a numerology book says about her character, and suddenly she turns to me and says:

“ You know it is sad that we do read these books but we never really do what they say we should do” so I turned to her and said “No my dear, what is really sad is the fact the we are actually standing in front of this rack”

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