Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Love You More Today

I love you more today, if possible.

Yes, I do love you more. Now I know why my love for you is so profound, I just discovered why, do you want to know why? Is it even important? To me it is.

It’s so simple; I know myself better when I am with you, when I talk to you I understand myself better. I get a glimpse of my inner most self when I discuss me with you, a part that rarely reveals itself, I guess that part feels more comfortable with you than with me. When we are together I feel that I have gone deeper into myself and discovered this person that sometimes is foreign to me. This is why. This is the inexplicable explained.

Did I need an explanation? I don’t know, maybe not. Your love has become a fact of life that does not need to be rationalized nor explained, it is my gravity, it keeps me grounded, but sometimes I cannot help it, it just feels better when you understand why things happen. You know me, I can’t take things for granted I can’t take things as is, I have to understand why and how they happen. I am not as spontaneous as you are. But, now that I know how I love you, I know what people mean when they say “your other half”. Once I made fun of such a notion, but I stand to be corrected. Maybe people use the word half for lack of a better word, maybe they mean the other self rather than other half. Now I know that there is such a thing as your other self, the self that comes together with your self and helps it make sense of this world, make sense of your self. With this other self you get to have acute senses things come more into focus and you get to solve the puzzle much faster and easier. The puzzle of being.

I do love you more today if possible.

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Anonymous said...

When you love a person that helps you to keep growing, to try to be a better soul every day. When this love makes you feel alive. When this love makes you surrender to the fact that you can feel the oness with another soul. When you love a person because he is simply YOU. When the love you are talking about makes you grateful for having a life to live.
When this love makes you progress everyday and shows you how wonderful sharing can be. When you only wish to be with someone all the time and right now all day and night long.
When you been through highs and lows, through thick and thin, been hurt and saved. When you love with all of your heart and when you are ready to die for someone. When this love makes you realize as each day passes that it is harder not to be with your other half. Yes... only then you can say.... I LOVE YOU MORE TODAY