Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yes, finally. A late bloomer, yes, but now I Skype with the one and solitary friend that my Skype account was created for.

She lives abroad and she insisted on me creating this account so that we can talk longer and more often, so I did. I have a NEED to speak to her. She is the one that feeds my soul when it is hungry as I always tell her.

After reading my post, Stupid Cemetery this is what she said :

“so you have liberated yourself of one social boundary that normally suffocate us with guilt and fear

bravo ..Congrats

the next big step is how to liberate ourselves from the fear of the living not just the dead

or rather fear of living and not fear of death

don't you think it is strange that we fear to live as we worry and fear death”

Isn’t that so true.

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