Monday, November 22, 2010

Oprah, jk rowlings And Life

I like to believe that everyday I receive a message from the universe. How important, life changing or profound the message is, is irrelevant, I just look for the message sometimes received in the most subtle of forms. Today I watched a rerun of Oprah interviewing jk rowlings, the amazing woman behind Harry Potter, and that was my message for the day.

I thought to myself if you combine both women probably would have the richest person on earth, yet these two women still have their fears and worried and funny enough one of their fears was about money. It still takes them a while to remember that they do not have to make a decision about which item to buy because they can have all the items they want. It still takes them a while to remember that they do not have to think about money for the rest of their lives. But that was just an observation it was not the message. In her address to Harvard graduates, Rowlings said, that having her worst fear materialize set her free, and I pondered that statement. It is so true, it does. I always thought this is a statement that authors of self help books like to use, but I know it first hand, I have felt it and I thought about it so many times. When I faced my own biggest fear and demon I felt liberated I felt that nothing can touch me anymore.

Just a note, I was, indeed, liberated for a while, but time only managed to show me that we keep creating new demons all the time, each period has it’s own ugly demon and apparently to survive happily we have to keep the knife that slays these demons out, ready, and quite sharp too. Apparently it is not only one demon that is born with us in this life, they are many that we breed and nurture only to have this ongoing fatal battle with them once they are grown ups.

So one demon down, a few more to go.

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