Saturday, January 1, 2011


Humans should come equipped with one or more of the following:

1- An on/off button since obviously sleep is not doing the trick.

2- A brain mute button, for those times when it has a character of it’s own and would not shut up.

3- A forward and rewind button, for those times when wanting to remember something or see what is going to happen is of utmost importance.

4- A pause button, for those times when the off button is not the needed one.

If it is to be believed that we do evolve and change according to our surroundings and environment, I wonder when will the universe feel the need to have such buttons?? If our gills disappeared a zillion years ago because we stopped needing them, why didn’t these buttons grow somewhere on our heads since obviously there is an urgent need for them and there has been for quite some time now.

At least on this head !! No pun intended

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a hint of sarcasm said...

a very interesting thought.. i guess you are not the only person though. at least i am in an urgent need of an on/off button. let's see.. a pitty darwin isn't around anymore. could've asked him ;)